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Priory of St. Anne Charterhouse,
The Estate and the Charterhouse Fields
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The Charterhouse of St Anne, founded in 1381, is a Grade 1 listed building of National and International importance. Situated within half a mile of Coventry's City Centre, it is surrounded by green space: an urban oasis.

wall painting Present buildings include the remains of the original priory and 15th Century extensions in sandstone. The cluster of buildings includes the Prior's Lodging, and a coach house. Inside the building there are 15th and 16th century wall paintings including some important early Renaissance motifs and the only remaining carthusian wall painting in the UK.

Now owned and managed by the Historic Coventry Trust with the aim of restoring and preserving one of Coventry's most important heritage sites. The Association expects to support them in this.

The vision of Coventry Historic Trust for the Charterhouse, and their extended vision for the historic heritage of Coventry can be viewed at Vision for the Future

Latest News following the award of £4.3million by Heritage Lottery Fund to Historic Coventry Trust, we should see re-furbishment work in Spring 2019. See the HLF announcement at: HLF Grant to Coventry Heritage Trust

Also the disused railway loop line behind St Georges Road and parallel to Humber Road has been purchased. This will be preserved as a wildlife corridor, as well as providing part of a proposed circular walk and cycle path.

While the work on the refurbishment and development of Priory is starting,
the building will still be used for events and activities
for the benefit of the citizens of Coventry

Our next Open Day is expected be January 2109
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